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n. feat, deed, adventure, heroic act
v. use, take advantage of, selfishly make use of; manipulate; use to the greatest possible advantage (as "exploit one's skills or talents"); promote; advertise

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Exploit means to take advantage of something (a person, situation, etc.) for one's own end, especially unethically or unjustifiably.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. a notable achievement; "he performed a great deed"; "the book was her finest effort"
(synonym) deed, feat, effort
(hypernym) accomplishment, achievement
(hyponym) acquiring, getting

1. use or manipulate to one's advantage; "He exploit the new taxation system"; "She knows how to work the system"; "he works his parents for sympathy"
(synonym) work
(hypernym) use, utilize, utilise, apply, employ
(hyponym) make hay
(verb-group) work
(derivation) exploitation, victimization, victimisation, using
2. draw from; make good use of; "we must exploit the resources we are given wisely"
(synonym) tap
(hypernym) use, utilize, utilise, apply, employ
(hyponym) maximize, maximise
(derivation) exploitation, development
3. work excessively hard; "he is exploiting the students"
(synonym) overwork
(hypernym) work, put to work
(hyponym) overdrive
(derivation) exploitation, development

Babylon French English dictionary

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nm. exploit, feat

Babylon Italian English dictionary

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nm. exploit, brilliant achievement

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