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nf. falseness, dishonesty, deceitfulness

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = falsehood ; factoid ; inauthencity ; falsity ; fallacy ; mendacity ; untruth ; deceptiveness ; deceitfulness ; fakeness.
Ex: If one probes more deeply into the question of truth and falsehood, one gets into difficult philosophical issues, which we prefer to leave to others.
Ex: Most of the textbooks contain catalogues of decontextualized cultural factoids rather than strategies for identifying and understanding cultural differences.
Ex: Critics of the digital world show fear of depersonalization, inauthenticty, subjugation to the mechanical and the substitution of quantity over quality.
Ex: Although the legal profession intuitively knows the falsity of this assumption, researchers are still confident in implementing systems that use only the text of laws as their main source of knowledge.
Ex: The article was titled 'Serial pricing and copyrights: prophecies, strategies and fallacies'.
Ex: In light of his ongoing record of mendacity, it is puzzling why anyone would continue to take him seriously.
Ex: Untruth brings about ill reputation and indignity.
Ex: In some cases, public figures are famous because of their lies; in other cases, their renown obscures the universality of deceptiveness.
Ex: Deceitfulness is sometimes remains ignored because a significant majority of people indulge in it.
Ex: California is a common reference for many artists in that it invokes thoughts of excess, splendor, wealth, and a sense of fakeness in body and spirit.

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[ jhūṭha || jhooth || جھوٹھ ]
noun communication. bola historia mentira película falsedad
English equivalent: lie

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