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Fomento is a town and municipality in the Sancti Spíritus Province of Cuba. It was founded in 1864.

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Babylon Italian English dictionary

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nm. fomentation, instigation, incitement
v. foment, foster, encourage, ferment

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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nm. fomentation; promotion; development; encouragement
v. foment; promote; foster, encourage; advance, develop; nourish; patronize, sponsor

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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fomento (m)
n. fomentation, promotion
v. forward, promote; foment, instigate; embrocate; put forward

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = propagation ; promoting ; furtherance ; promotion.
Ex: As part of an imported culture libraries may be associated with influences undermining traditional values and self-confidence and with the propagation of negative values such as consumerism.
Ex: Promoting can be via advertising, personal contact or atmospherics (building design for users).
Ex: The aims of the centre are the furtherance of teaching and research on any aspect of South Asia.
Ex: They are, though, activities that have probably contributed to the promotion of cigar consumption.
* fomento de espíritu de equipo = team building.
* Fomento de la Biblioteconomía en el Tercer Mundo (ALP) = Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World (ALP).
* fomento de la lectura = reading promotion.
* fomento de la salud = health promotion.
* fomento del hábito de la lectura = reading promotion.
* fomento del hábito lector = reading promotion.

(v.) = advance ; boost ; cultivate ; encourage ; foster ; further ; nurture ; promote ; abet ; foment ; spur ; elicit ; stimulate ; drive ; stir up.
Ex: In addition to continuing and advancing programs begun prior to his directorship, Mr. Welsh has initiated the Cataloging in Publication program (CIP).
Ex: If the title is selected by a book club this helps boost the print-run and overall sales.
Ex: Such familiarity can be cultivated with experience, and will consider the following features of data bases.
Ex: A common catalogue encourages users to regard the different information carrying media as part of range of media.
Ex: Among Mr. Welsh's professional activities and accomplishments are his successful efforts to foster an increased two-way communication between LC's Processing Department and his professional colleagues in the field.
Ex: IFLA's International Office for Universal Bibliographic Control was established in order to further international control of bibliographic records.
Ex: Studying the leisure reading preferences of teens can help library media specialists develop collections and programs that nurture a lifelong love of reading.
Ex: Initially, it is necessary that the scheme be published and available for purchase, and that its use is generally promoted.
Ex: This article questions the pricing policies of some publishers for journals suggesting that librarians have inadvertently aided and abetted them in some cases.
Ex: The formats that emerge can be used by libraries, publishers, and information utilities worldwide to convert printed works to electronic forms or to create original works in electric format, and thus foment the creation of networked electronic library collections.
Ex: Spurred by press comments on dumping of withdrawn library books in rubbish skips, Birkerd Library requested the Ministry of Culture's permission to sell withdrawn materials.
Ex: This article looks at ways in which librarians in leadership roles can elicit the motivation, commitment, and personal investment of members of the organisation.
Ex: An alertness to work in related fields may stimulate creativity in disseminating ideas from one field of study to another, for both the researcher and the manager.
Ex: The notation 796.33 is used for sporst involving an inflated ball propelled (driven) by foot.
Ex: The goal of this guidebook is to help writers activate their brains to stir up more and better ideas and details.
* fomentar apoyo = build + support.
* fomentar el conocimiento = advance + knowledge.
* fomentar el debate = foster + discussion ; stimulate + the discussion.
* fomentar el interés = raise + interest ; foster + interest.
* fomentar interés = build + interest.
* fomentar la competencia = cultivate + competition.
* fomentar la lectura = promote + reading.

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