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nf. biscuit, cracker, cookie; hardtack, hard biscuit (formerly eaten by sailors); punch, strike from a fist; slap, blow made with an open hand

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = biscuit ; cookie.
Ex: The article 'Fruit not biscuits' looks at the nature of freelance work in the field of publishing and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
Ex: The book covers the following topics: cereals and pastas; vegetables and fruits; breads; desserts and cookies; cakes and icings; and pastry and pies.
* caja de galletas = biscuit tin.
* galleta con pepitas de chocolate = chocolate chip cookie.
* galleta con trocitos de chocolate = chocolate chip cookie.
* galleta de bizcocho = sponge finger ; ladyfinger.
* galleta de la fortuna = fortune cookie.
* galleta de la suerte = fortune cookie.
* galleta de soda = cracker ; cream cracker.
* galleta escocesa de mantequilla = shortbread.
* galleta salada = cracker ; cream cracker.

(n.) = slap.
Ex: And actually a good slap is said to be statistically more likely to result in a child with agression and conduct problems, you may be interested to hear.
* dar una galleta = slap ; slap in the face.

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