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Babylon Italian English dictionary

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adj. graphic, graphical, diagrammatic
nm. graph, chart, printer, graphic designer

Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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adj. graphic, diagrammatic, of diagrams; illustrative, pictorial, described vividly, explicit; pertaining to writing
nm. graphic; plot, graph; diagram, chart

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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adj. chart, graph, diagram
gráfico (m)
n. chart, graph, diagram

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = graphic.
Nota: Un gráfico es una representación bidimensional opaca (ej., una fotografía o un dibujo técnico) o para ser proyectada (ej., una filmina).
Ex: A graphic is a two-dimensional representation whether opaque (e.g., art originals and reproductions, flash cards, photographs, technical drawings) or intended to be viewed, or projected, without motion, by means of an optical device (e.g., filmstrips, stereographs, slides).
* gráfico animado = motion graphic.
* gráfico de flechas = arrowgraph.
* gráfico de tarta = pie chart.
* gráfico en movimiento = animated graphic.
* gráfico en vídeo = video graphic.
* gráfico fijo = still graphic.
* graficos en movimiento = animated media.
* gráficos por ordenador = computer graphics.
* interfaz por medio de gráficos = graphics interfacing.
* menú de herramientas para trabajar con gráficos = tool palette.
* tarjeta de gráficos = graphics card.

(adj.) = diagrammatic ; graphic ; pictorial ; figurative ; graphical ; representational.
Ex: Diagrammatic presentation of the layout of the collection conveniently placed, for example, near the entrance.
Ex: In addition, 10 non-bibliographic CD-ROMs, containing full-text, numeric or graphic data, were acquired and evaluated.
Ex: Forms of symbol used for presentation are: 1 language, eg Arabic; 2 mathematical, eg. graphs, formulae; 3 pictorial, eg drawings.
Ex: The system, called 'T-Search', includes not only automatic phonetic searching but also capabilities of full text search and couples them with the capability to search the figurative elements of trademarks.
Ex: There are learning advantages in using a graphical rather than a linear approach to the presentation of material in information systems.
Ex: 'Data base' is a term referring to machine-readable collections of information, whether numerical, representational or bibliographic.
* alfabetización gráfica = graphic literacy.
* artes gráficas, las = graphic arts, the.
* capacidad de interpretar información gráfica = graphic literacy.
* diseñador gráfico = graphic artist ; graphic designer.
* diseño gráfico = graphic design.
* ecualizador gráfico = graphic equaliser.
* GUI (Interfaze Gráfico de Usuario) = GUI (Graphic User Interface).
* guión gráfico = storyboard.
* historieta gráfica = cartoon.
* imagen gráfica = graphic image.
* información gráfica = graphic information.
* interfaz gráfico de consulta imprecisa = graphical browser.
* material gráfico = graphic material.
* obra gráfica = graphic work.
* pantalla gráfica = graphics screen.
* presentación gráfica de términos permutados = permuted display.
* registro gráfico = graphic record.
* representación gráfica = graphic display.
* tablilla gráfica = graphic tablet.
* taller gráfico = printing company ; printing press ; printing firm ; printing house.

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