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nf. gravity, attractive force which causes all bodies to move toward the center of the earth; weight, heaviness; severity; seriousness; solemnity

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = seriousness ; severity ; gravity.
Ex: Each member state is allocated a fixed quota in proportion to the seriousness of its regional problems.
Ex: Exuberance and enthusiasm are proper to the young, as Quintillian remarked: 'The young should be daring and inventive and should rejoice in their inventions, even though correctiveness and severity are still to be acquired'.
Ex: The islands had been part of the British community since 1833 and the invasion was termed a matter of 'great gravity' by the Prime Minister.
* enfermo de gravedad = seriously ill.
* gravedad de la enfermedad = severity of illness ; seriousness of illness.
* gravedad de la situación, la = seriousness of the situation, la ; gravity of the situation, the.

(n.) = gravity.
Ex: Examples include terms arising from energy (force, gravity, heat), matter (molecular states, elements, compounds), earth, plants, animals, man.
* centro de gravedad = centre of gravity.
* desafiar la gravedad = defy + gravity.
* falta de gravedad = weightlessness.
* fuerza de gravedad = gravitational force.
* fuerza de la gravedad = G-force ; gravity pull ; gravitational pull.
* fuerza de la gravedad, la = force of gravity, the.
* ley de la gravedad, la = law of gravity, the.
* teoría de la gravedad, la = theory of gravity, the.

(adj.) = gravitas.
Ex: Such considerations whether invested with the gravitas assumed by LSIC whenever they address such imponderables or when issued by freebooting critics miss the mark.
* con gravedad = grimly.

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