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The Grieve was a Peruvian automobile that was built in 1908 by Juan Alberto Grieve, a Peruvian engineer with extensive knowledge in combustion engines. The vehicle became the first automobile designed and built in South America. A pioneer in the automobile industry, Grieve decided to build a car that would be powerful enough to overcome the bad roads and difficult terrain of Peru. The car was developed at Grieve's workshop in Lima, and the only imported elements of the vehicle were the tires from Michelin, the Bosch starter and the carburetor. The car had five seats, two in front and three at the back. Those at the back were removable, leaving an area for haulage.

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Grieve steht für:
  • Grieve, Ortsteil der Gemeinde Prebberede im Landkreis Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • (4451) Grieve, ein die Marsbahn kreuzender Asteroid

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