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The Gry Puzzle is a popular word puzzle that asks for the third English word, other than and , that ends with the letters -gry, though precise phrasing varies significantly. Aside from words derived from angry and hungry, there is no common word ending in -gry in current usage; the puzzle thus lacks a conclusive answer. The puzzle is thus considered either as a hoax, a trick question, a sincere question for an obscure word, or a corruption of a more straightforward puzzle (with answer ). Of these, countless trick question variants and obscure English words (or nonce words) have been proposed. The lack of a conclusive answer has ensured the enduring popularity of the puzzle, and it has become one of the most frequently asked word puzzles.

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Gry (bgl. Gry Bagøien) ist eine Indie/Elektronik-Musikerin aus Dänemark. Unter dem gleichen Namen existierte von 1998 bis 2002 eine Band. Zu den Mitgliedern gehörten die dänische Sängerin Gry Bagøien und der deutsche Musiker FM Einheit (Ex-Mitglied der Einstürzenden Neubauten).

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Grímsey est une petite île islandaise située à au nord de la côte de l'Islande, directement sur le cercle Arctique.

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