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nf. cleverness; skill, ability; adroitness, nimbleness; address; neatness

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n. gymnastics, exercises which develop muscular strength and agility
habilidade (f)
n. competency, ability; capability, skill

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = competency.
Ex: SLIS programmes intended to 'produce' librarians with competency in the use of IT have to be designed.
(n.) = ability ; competence ; skill ; talent ; capacity ; savoir faire ; aptitude ; dexterity ; ingeniousness ; skilfulness [skillfulness, -USA] ; prowess ; faculty.
Ex: The ability to search on word stems is particularly valuable where the text to be searched is in free-language format.
Ex: In order that you should be able to perform these required skills with greater competence, selected elements of the theory of subject indexing will be included.
Ex: However, successful human free language indexing is very dependent upon the skills of the individual indexer.
Ex: This example goes to show that talent for academic work is only one variety of giftedness.
Ex: Older people have suffered some losses in sensory and physical capacity, and newer teaching techniques might intimidate them.
Ex: Library staff should be provided with the opportunity to see blunders which they occasionally commit as well as the laudable 'savoir faire' with which they dispatch some reference question.
Ex: In tracking, schools categorize according to measures of intelligence, achievement, or aptitude and then assign students to ability or interest-grouped classes = En la subdivisión de los alumnos en clases según su nivel académico, las escuelas agrupan a los alumnos de acuerdo con su nivel de inteligencia, habilidad o aptitud y luego los asignan a las clases según su capacidad o por sus intereses.
Ex: Reference work is merely a practical skill -- of a high-grade kind, to be sure -- but a mere dexterity, a mental facility, acquired by practice.
Ex: But if, in the digital era, libraries must continue to compete, it will be about services -- the ingeniousness with which individual libraries tailor resource access to particular needs of their user communities.
Ex: At present, limited data concerning the conversational skilfulness of school-age children have been available.
Ex: The results endorse the need for continued application of marketing prowess, information science research, and library support systems.
Ex: Sophia no sooner saw Blifil than she turned pale, and almost lost the use of all her faculties.
* con habilidad = adeptly.
* con pocas habilidades = poor-ability.
* de acuerdo con + Posesivo + habilidades = to the best of + Posesivo + ability ; according to + Posesivo + lights.
* habilidad artística = artistry.
* habilidad cognitiva = cognitive skill ; cognitive ability ; cognitive capacity.
* habilidad de interpretar imágenes = visual literacy.
* habilidad de razonar = thinking skills.
* habilidad en el manejo de diferentes soportes = media competency.
* habilidad en el manejo de la espada = swordsmanship.
* habilidad en el manejo del mosquete = musketry.
* habilidades = competency.
* habilidades comunicativas = speaking skills.
* habilidades lectoras = reading skills.
* habilidades necesarias para la vida cotidiana = life skills.
* habilidades orales = speaking skills.
* habilidad especial = knack ; knack.
* habilidades sociales = social skills.
* habilidad física = physical ability ; physical ability.
* habilidad lectora = reading ability.
* habilidad manual = manual skill.
* habilidad mental = mental ability.
* habilidad natural = knack ; knack ; natural ability.
* habilidad política = statesmanship ; political wisdom.
* habilidad verbal = verbal skill.
* perfeccionar una habilidad = hone + skill.
* tener la habilidad de = be adept at ; have + a knack for.

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