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Hau or HAU may refer to:

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Haue (die)
nf. pickaxe, hoe, pick, tool for breaking up soil
v. hit, clout, clobber; belt, thump; carve, cut, shape, hew; knock; chop, cut down; clap, slap

Encyclopedia Mythica Dictionary

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[Polynesian] The Maori name for the wind-god. He is a son of Rua-Tapu, who was murdered, so Hau is howling for revenge.

JM Latin English Dictionary

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oh! ow! oh dear! goodness gracious! (used by women to express consternation)

Victors - Romanian-English Dictionary

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(prăpastie fără fund) = chasm
(prăpastie fără fund) = gulf
(abis) = abyss
cât e hăul = never
cât e hăul = to the end of time

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