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nfpl. humanities; human studies
nf. mankind, humankind, humanity

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humanidades (fpl)
n. classic, creation that serves as an example to be followed (outstanding piece of art, excellent book, etc.)

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = humanity ; mankind ; humankind.
Ex: Considered as necessary work in the interest of humanity and general enlightenment, bibliography gains ground as the years pass.
Ex: The public library is a way of escape from the narrow area of our individual lives into the field, finite, no doubt, but unbounded, of the wisdom and experience of all mankind.
Ex: Information has recently been qualified as a humankind's heritage.
* cuna de la humanidad = cradle of mankind.
* diplomatura en humanidades = B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) ; B.A. degree.
* enemigo de la humanidad = enemy of humanity.
* escoria de la humanidad, la = dregs of humanity, the.
* Fundación Nacional para las Humanidades (NEH) = National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).
* historia de la humanidad = human history.
* historia de la humanidad, la = history of humanity, the ; history of mankind, the.
* humanidades, las = humanities, the ; liberal arts, the.
* humanidades y ciencias sociales = arts and social sciences.
* Licenciatura de Humanidades = M.Phil. (Master in Philosophy).
* más antiguo que la humanidad = as old as mankind.
* patrimonio de la humanidad = world heritage.
* tan antiguo como la humanidad = as old as mankind.
* tan viejo como la humanidad = as old as mankind.

(n.) = humanity.
Nota: Comportamiento humano.
Ex: Librarians need a special combination of tact, patience, and humanity to serve users satisfactorily.

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