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nf. equality, uniformity, sameness; evenness, equal state; smoothness; coolness; par, equal status or level

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = equity ; parity ; equality ; equitability.
Ex: It covers selected news reports which include the president's programme, power for youth services workers, pay equity, and equity in information services.
Ex: The two cases perhaps indicate the beginning of attitudinal changes in awards administrators which will give parity of esteem to information-driven programmes.
Ex: The national ethos is much more egalitarian than it was and more and more appeals can successfully be made to the argument of equality in political discussion.
Ex: These variables ensured equitability by virtue of enabling each department to acquire the same percentage of the literature published in its field.
* concienciacion de la igualdad de sexos = gender awareness.
* directiva sobre la igualdad de trato = equal treatment directive.
* en condiciones de igualdad = on an equal footing ; on equal terms ; on an equal basis ; equitable.
* en igualdad de condiciones = other things being equal ; on equal terms ; one of equals ; ceteris paribus ; in a tie ; on an equal footing ; on an equal basis ; all (other) things being equal ; equitable.
* en igualdad de condiciones para todos los sexos = gender-equitable.
* estar en igualdad de condiciones con = be on (an) equal footing with.
* igualdad ante la ley = equality before the law ; equality under the law.
* igualdad bajo la ley = equality under the law.
* igualdad de acceso = equity of access.
* igualdad de condiciones para todos = levelling of the playing field.
* igualdad de derechos = equal rights ; equality of rights.
* igualdad de género = gender equality ; sex equality ; sexual equality.
* igualdad de oportunidad en el trabajo = equal employment opportunity.
* igualdad de oportunidades = equal opportunity ; equality of opportunities ; equity of opportunity.
* igualdad de poder = parity of power.
* igualdad de retribución = equal pay.
* igualdad de retribución por un trabajo de valor comparable = equal pay for equal work ; equal pay for comparable work.
* igualdad de tratamiento = fairness.
* igualdad de trato = equal treatment.
* igualdad entre las razas = race equality.
* igualdad entre los sexos = gender equality ; sex equality ; sexual equality.
* igualdad racial = race equality ; racial equality.
* igualdad retributiva = equal pay.
* igualdad social = social equity ; empowerment ; social equality.
* leyes sobre la igualdad = equity laws.
* principio de igualdad, el = egalitarian principle, the.

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