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Ilumina Festival
The Ilumina Festival is an annual chamber music festival held in Brazil.

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Babylon Spanish English dictionary

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v. illuminate, illumine; enlighten; spotlight

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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v. light, illuminate; radiate, glow; enlighten, illumine; irradiate, lighten

Victors - Romanian-English Dictionary

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(a proiecta lumină pe) = to shine upon
(a proiecta lumină pe) = to light up
(a proiecta lumină pe) = to make bright
(la o serbare) = to illuminate
(faţa etc.) = to light up
(mintea) = to illumin(at)e
(la faţă) = to brighten up
to light up

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(v.) = illuminate ; floodlight ; light up ; brighten up.
Ex: Plenty of light, with a display spotlight if possible, should illuminate the exhibition (a number of inexpensive, safe little spotlights intended for the job are now on the market).
Ex: The local authorities have decided to floodlight the library at night to discourage vandalism.
Ex: These flares light up the surrounding area in a yellowish red glow for a short period of time, allowing you to see better.
Ex: The short, dreary days of winter are a good time to think about adding skylights to brighten up dark rooms.
* caja para iluminar diapositivas = light box [light-box].
* iluminar con focos = floodlight.

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