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InAlienable is a 2008 science fiction film with horror and comic elements, written and produced by Walter Koenig, and directed by Robert Dyke. It was the first collaboration of Koenig and Dyke since their 1989 production of Moontrap. Koenig said that "the story really involves that relationship between the human being and the alien. At first, it's assumed that the alien [is] a parasite growing in a host, but because it has some of the human DNA, it's significantly more than that. Even though it comes from another world, it's a part of our world. Really, it's a love story."

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Inalienable or inalienability may refer to:

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Die Alienabilität (von engl.: alienable = „veräußerbar“) ist eine in vielen Sprachen gebräuchliche Unterscheidung zwischen veräußerbarem (alienablem bzw. nichtorganisch possessivem) und unveräußerlichem (inalienablem bzw. organisch possessivem) Besitz.

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Rättstrygghetmedborgarens säkerhet att få medborgerliga rättigheter tillgodosedda inom rättsväsendet.

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بيع ناپذير،محروم نشدنى ،لايتجزا
عمران : غيرقابل انتقال

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