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J/A (joint account)
bank account that is shared by two or more owners

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JA, Ja, jA, or ja may refer to:

  • Ja, grammatical particle meaning "" in most Germanic languages (including informal English)
  • Ja, I in many Slavic languages
  • Я (Ya), a Cyrillic letter, pronounced /ja/
  • Japanese language, ISO 639-1 alpha-2
  • Ja (Indic), a glyph in the Brahmic family of scripts
  • Ja (Javanese) (ꦗ), a letter in the Javanese script

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Ja (das)
n. yes, aye, yea, affirmative reply
adv. yes, yea, aye
interj. yea, yes; indeed?, truly?

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interj. ha, hah! (expression of surprise, joy, puzzlement, suspicion, triumph, etc.)

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adv. ever, already, now, yet, anon

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