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Jamás is the ninth studio album by the Argentine singer Pablo Ruiz. It was released in 2001.

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Jamas (; iš totor. дзям 'kelias'), pašto stotispašto ir kelevių pervežimo stotis Mongolijoje, XIII-XVIII a. Rusijoje. Jamų sistema Rusijoje buvo sukurta remiantis panašia Čingischano sistema.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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= never ; ever! ; never in a month of Sundays.
Ex: Plans were made to issue a concise version of AACR1, but these plans never came to fruition.
Ex: Consider for example, a teacher who doesn't change his password (ever!) or can't be bothered to log out, all the firewalls and antivirus programs in the world will not protect a school's network.
Ex: The two stepsisters also wondered who the newcomer was, for never in a month of Sundays, would they ever have guessed that the beautiful girl was really poor Cinderella who talked to the cat!.
* jamás visto = unseen.
* nunca jamás = never again.
* para siempre jamás = for evermore ; evermore.
* por siempre jamás = for evermore ; evermore.

Diccionario de Castellano Catalán

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jamai, mai

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adv. at no time, never; ever since
v. eat, consume food

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