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n. one who jumps; horse trained to leap over barriers; sweater, pullover (British); sleeveless dress; loose jacket; electrical connector on expansion cards that is used to select the desired configuration (Computers)

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Jumper or Jumpers may refer to:
  • A top (in Ireland, the UK and the Commonwealth), often knitted, and pulled on over the head, covering the torso area; called a sweater in the USA.
  • Jumper (dress) (in the USA), any shoulder-to-thigh length outer clothing that the wearer "jumps into", including the sleeveless, collarless dress, known elsewhere as a pinafore
  • Part of the Royal Navy uniform
  • Part of the uniform of the United States Navy

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. an athlete who competes at jumping
(hypernym) athlete, jock
(hyponym) hopper
2. an athlete who bounds or leaps (as in basketball)
(synonym) bounder, leaper
(hypernym) athlete, jock
(classification) basketball, basketball game, hoops
3. a small connector used to make temporary electrical connections
(hypernym) connection, connexion, connector, connecter, connective
(hyponym) jumper cable, jumper lead, lead
4. a loose jacket or blouse worn by workmen
(hypernym) jacket
5. a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing
(synonym) pinafore, pinny
(hypernym) dress, frock
6. a player releases the basketball at the high point of a jump
(synonym) jump shot
(hypernym) basketball shot

Babylon French English dictionary

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v. jump, leap, spring
nm. jumper, one who jumps; horse trained to leap over barriers

Babylon Italian English dictionary

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nm. jumper, one who jumps; sweater, pullover

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