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nf. female teacher, schoolmistress, schoolmarm; screed
adj. masterly, expert; main
nm. master, virtuoso; teacher, schoolmaster; dean; maestro

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = schoolmaster ; teacher ; schoolteacher ; elementary schoolteacher ; dominie ; class teacher.
Ex: These figures of 'authority', the local postman, the vicar, the village postmistress and schoolmaster were fast disappearing from the rural scene.
Ex: For example a set of slides for use by teachers may be indexed according to alphabetical subject headings.
Ex: Parents place great emphasis on the acquisition of reading skills, at times pressing so hard on their children that schoolteachers have to try to reduce that pressure = Los padres ponen un gran énfasis en la adquisición de la capacidad de leer, a veces presionando tanto a sus hijos que los profesores tienen que intentar reducir esta presión.
Ex: Elementary schoolteachers play an important part in the development of bibliographic skills.
Ex: 'Imagine,' these dominies tend to begin, 'that a man from outer space has come to earth and describe a screwdriver to him as clearly as you can'.
Ex: Her class teacher began it all by putting on an exhibition of about thirty of the best picture books in the school's infant-class library books for the five-to-seven-year- olds = Todo empezó con la exposición que montó su profesora de los treinta mejores cuentos de los libros de la biblioteca de la clase de primaria para los niños de cinco a siete años.
* la práctica hace al maestro = practice makes perfect.
* maestro de ceremonias = master of ceremonies ; toastmaster.
* maestro de coro = choirmaster.
* maestro de escuela = school teacher.
* más hambre que un maestro de escuela = as hungry as a wolf ; as hungry as a bear ; as hungry as a hunter.
* ser un maestro consumado en = be a past master at.

(adj.) = master ; masterly.
Ex: The great significance of a fully developed network will be that it will relieve libraries of the necessity of maintaining their own copies of the master data base.
Ex: He shows a masterly command of imagery throughout, but his style has always left little margin for error, and the errors here are bothersome.
* lista maestra = master list.
* llave maestra = skeleton key ; master key.
* obra maestra = showpiece ; masterpiece ; masterwork ; piece of resistance.
* obra maestra de la pintura clásica = old master ; old master painting.
* plan maestro = master plan.

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