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Mujer (Spanish: "Woman") is the title of the first album by Spanish singer Marta Sánchez. Released in 1993, it was produced by Christian De Walden and Ralf Stemmann.

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Mujer (del latín mulĭer, -ēris), o fémina (lat. femĭna), es el ser humano femenino o hembra. Mujer también remite a distinciones de género de carácter cultural y social que se le atribuyen así como a las diferencias sexuales y biológicas de la hembra en la especie humana frente al macho. Cuenta con aspectos físicos que la diferencian del varón de la especie como voz más aguda, cintura más estrecha, cadera más ancha y pelvis más amplia, menos vello corporal, menos masa muscular y más tejido adiposomamas más grandes y estrechas y menor estatura comparada con el varón. El Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora se celebra el día 8 de marzo.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = woman [women, -pl.] ; lady ; female ; sheila.
Nota: Inglés australiano.
Ex: For example, the outdated subject heading 'Female emancipation' could be changed to the newer term 'Women's liberation' with this function.
Ex: Librarians who have to choose between Congress and Dewey are in the dilemma of the proverbial lady facing death or a fate worse than death.
Ex: Most of them -- there are 24 people on the library staff; 6 in reference (3 males and 3 females) -- have not personally experienced sexual harassment and haven't been aware that it exists.
Ex: I am sick to death with the non-stop coverage of some foreign sheila who is up the duff!.
* acaparado por la mujer = feminised [feminized, -USA].
* andar siempre detrás de las mujeres = womanise [womanize, -USA].
* asesinato de una mujer = femicide.
* biblioteca de la mujer = women's library.
* bicicleta de mujeres = ladies bike.
* cárcel de mujeres = women's prison.
* centro de acogida de mujeres = women's shelter.
* de mujer = distaff.
* derechos de la mujer = women's rights.
* derechos humanos específicos de la mujer = human rights of women.
* diferencia de retribución entre mujeres y hombres = gender pay gap.
* diferencial retributivo entre mujeres y hombres = gender pay differential.
* disfunción sexual de la mujer = female sexual dysfunction.
* dominado por la mujer = feminised [feminized, -USA].
* el trabajo de la mujer no se reconoce = a woman's work is never done ; a woman's work is never done.
* emancipación de la mujer = female emancipation.
* empoderamiento de la mujer = women('s) empowerment.
* equidad entre hombres y mujeres = gender equity.
* estudios de la mujer = women's studies ; gender studies.
* estudios sobre la mujer = women's studies ; gender studies.
* exclusivo para la mujer = women-only ; for women only ; only for women.
* gobierno dominado por mujeres = petticoat government.
* gustar mucho las mujeres = womanise [womanize, -USA].
* hacer una mujer = make + a woman of.
* hacer una mujer de = make + a woman of.
* la mujer atada a la pata de la cama = a woman's place is in the home.
* la mujer de + Posesivo + sueños = the woman of + Posesivo + dreams.
* la mujer honrada, la pierna quebrada y en casa = a woman's place is in the home.
* liberación de la mujer = women's liberation.
* ligarse a una mujer = pick up + a woman.
* montura de mujer = side-saddle.
* movimiento en defensa de los derechos de la mujer = women's rights movement.
* mujer acaudalada = woman of means.
* mujer acomodada = woman of means ; woman of substance.
* mujer bella = belle.
* mujer casada = married woman ; married woman ; married woman.
* mujer con éxito = successful woman.
* mujer con un cutis de porcelana típico inglés = an English rose.
* mujer de color = coloured woman.
* mujer de dinero = woman of means ; woman of substance.
* mujer de éxito = successful woman.
* mujer de fortuna = woman of means ; woman of substance.
* mujer de la limpieza = cleaning lady ; cleaning woman.
* mujer de peso = woman of substance.
* mujer maltratada = battered woman.
* mujer embarazada = pregnant woman.
* mujer en estado = pregnant woman.
* mujer en período de lactancia = nursing woman.
* mujer exitosa = successful woman.
* mujer fácil = loose woman.
* mujer fatal = femme fatale ; man-eater.
* mujer florero = kept woman.
* mujer fresca = hussy.
* mujer india norteamericana = squaw.
* mujer ingenua = ingenue.
* mujer lasciva = wanton woman.
* mujer latina = Latin woman.
* mujer libertina = wanton woman.
* mujer militar = servicewoman.
* mujer negra = black woman ; coloured woman.
* mujer objeto = sex object ; kept woman.
* mujer periodista = newswoman.
* mujer policía = policewoman [policewomen, -pl.].
* mujer promiscua = wanton woman.
* mujer soldado = servicewoman.
* mujer soltera = bachelorette ; single woman.
* ordenación de la mujer, la = ordination of women, the.
* póster de mujer desnuda = pin-up.
* proporción hombres-mujeres = sex ratio.
* reclusión de las mujeres = purdah.
* relacionado con las mujeres = women-related.
* relaciones entre hombres y mujeres = gender relations.
* revistas para mujeres = women's magazines.
* ser una mujer de gentes = be a woman of the people.
* ser una mujer de palabra = stand behind + Posesivo + word(s) ; be a woman of her word.
* ser una mujer de pocas palabras = be a woman of few words.
* ser una mujer que tiene mucho mundo = be a woman of the world.
* silla de mujer = side-saddle.
* sólo para la mujer = women-only.
* sólo para mujeres = for women only ; only for women.
* tráfico de mujeres = trafficking in women.
* trata de mujeres = trafficking in women.
* vestido de mujer = frock.
* vestido largo de mujer = frock.

(n.) = wife [wives, -pl.] ; missus ; missis.
Nota: Forma coloquial.
Ex: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.
Ex: 'John and the Missus' is the story of one man's passionate attempt to fight for the land he loves and the way of life he believes in.
Ex: But let me tell you about the rehearsals; they are so funny, and I always go to them with the missis.
* dominado por la mujer = henpecked.
* malos tratos a la mujer = wife beating ; wife battering ; wife abuse.
* maltrato a la mujer = wife beating ; wife battering ; wife abuse.
* maltrato de mujeres = wife beating ; wife battering ; wife abuse.
* mujer acosada psicológicamente por el marido = harassed housewife.
* mujer florero = trophy wife.

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dona, muller

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nf. woman; wife; inamorata

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