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pluricentric language

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Pluricentric language
A pluricentric language or polycentric language is a language with several standard versions. It is a language with several centres, each providing a national variety with at least some of its own (codified) norms. Generally, pluricentric languages are used across the boundaries of individual political entities, so that the language and the ethnic identity of its native speakers do not coincide. Examples include EnglishFrench,  PortugueseGermanPersianKoreanSerbo-CroatianSwahiliSwedishSpanishArabicArmenianBengaliHindustaniMalay, and Chinese. Since the national varieties of pluricentric languages are standardised, they cannot be described as dialects.

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Plurizentrische Sprache
Eine plurizentrische Sprache oder eine polyzentrische Sprache ist in der synchronen Linguistik eine Sprache mit mehreren Standardvarietäten. Das Sprachgebiet einer plurizentrischen Sprache erstreckt sich meist, aber nicht immer, über Staatsgrenzen hinaus.

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