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pork-barrel legislation

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Pork barrel
Pork barrel is a metaphor for the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. The usage originated in American English. In election campaigns, the term is used in derogatory fashion to attack opponents. However, scholars use it as a technical term regarding legislative control of local appropriations.

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Kielbasa wyborcza
Kiełbasa wyborcza – zbiorczy termin określający populistyczne formy zdobywania poparcia w wyborach.

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Valfläsk är ett informellt uttryck för generösa löften till väljare inför ett politiskt val.

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Siltarumpupolitiikka on lähinnä aluepolitiikkaan skeptisesti tai jopa kriittisesti suhtautuvien kehittämä käsite, joka tarkoittaa sitä, että poliitikot ajavat läpi pieniä investointeja omaan vaalipiiriinsä tai kuntaansa.


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Pork-barrel legislation
Appropriations of public funds by Congress (or other legislative assemblies) for projects that do not serve the interests of any large portion of the country's citizenry but are nevertheless vigorously promoted by a small group of legislators because they will pump outside taxpayers' money and resources into the local districts these legislators represent. Successful promotion of such pork-barrel legislation (often through skillful logrolling) is very likely to get the legislator re-elected by his constituents. Classic examples of such pork-barrel legislation include Federal appropriations bills for dams, river and harbor improvements, bridge and highway construction, and job-training centers, as well as legislation designed to prevent closure of obsolete or unneeded military installations, prisons, VA hospitals and the like.

[See also: appropriation billlogrolling]

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