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επίθ. αρμόδιος, έχων τα προσόντα, επιφυλακτικός, περιορισμένος, πτυχιούχος, τροποποιημένος
ρήμ. έχω τα προσόντα, καθιστώ αρμόδιο, γίνομαι ικανός, γίνομαι αρμόδιος, δικαίουμαι, χαρακτηρίζω, τροποποιώ, μετριάζω

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(Lex**) κατάλληλος

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Ρημ. έχω τα προσόντα, τηρώ τις προυποθέσεις,//
προετοιμάζω κάποιον για άσκηση συγκεκριμένου επαγγέλματος, παρέχω τα προσόντα, διδάσκω//
προσδιορίζω, ορίζω, δηλώνω (γραμμ.)

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An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = cualificado, titulado, capacitado, que reúne las condiciones, homologado, competente.
Ex: The projections of qualified manpower into the year 2000 are bleak for personnel based industries.
* already-qualified = con titulación previa.
* be qualified for/to = estar capacitado para.
* dually qualified = con doble titulación.
* newly-qualified = recién graduado.
* overqualified = demasiado cualificado.
* properly qualified = con la debida cualificación.
* qualified, the = diplomados, los.
* qualified personnel = personal cualificado.
* qualified staff = personal cualificado.
* unqualified = sin titulación.

(adj.) = a medias, incompleto, limitado, con reservas.
Ex: The majority of projects are small, poorly funded, and only a qualified success.
* unqualified = incondicional, sin reservas, claro, rotundo.

(v.) = calificar, acotar, precisar, matizar, especificar, puntualizar, aclarar.
Ex: Common facets may be listed anywhere in the schedule order, because they are facets that, although only listed once can be applied anywhere in the citation order, as required to qualify the concept to which they apply.
* disqualify = descalificar.
* qualify for = reunir las condiciones para, permitir, poder.
* qualify + search = acotar una búsqueda, delimitar una búsqueda, restringir una búsqueda.
* qualify + selection = restringir una búsqueda.

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