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adj. pertaining to radio; broadcast via radio; pertaining to or based on radio waves
n. method of transmitting sound via electromagnetic waves; device used to receive and play radio broadcasts
v. broadcast by radio, transmit by radio

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Radio is the use of radio waves is to carry information, such as sound, by systematically modulating some property of electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through space, such as their amplitudefrequencyphase, or pulse width. When radio waves strike an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form.

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Am I Going Insane (Radio)
"Am I Going Insane (Radio)" is a single by the band Black Sabbath on the 1975 album Sabotage. Although common conception is that the suffix "Radio" was said to be added to the title because it was made for the purpose of being played on the radio, drummer Bill Ward said that it was Cockney rhyming slang for "mental"; radio-rental. Critics have called it ironic that all Black Sabbath members except Tony Iommi were later clinically depressed.

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. medium for communication
(synonym) radiocommunication, wireless
(hypernym) broadcasting
(class) raise
2. an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
(synonym) radio receiver, receiving set, radio set, tuner, wireless
(hypernym) receiver, receiving system
(hyponym) clock radio
(part-holonym) wireless
(part-meronym) amplifier
3. a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves
(synonym) wireless
(hypernym) communication system
(hyponym) radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphy, wireless telegraph, wireless telegraphy
(part-meronym) radio receiver, receiving set, radio set, tuner, wireless

1. transmit messages via radio waves; "he radioed for help"
(hypernym) communicate, intercommunicate
(derivation) wireless

1. indicating radiation or radioactivity; "radiochemistry"
(pertainym) radiant energy
(classification) combining form

Babylon German English dictionary

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Radio (das)
n. radio, method of transmitting sound via electromagnetic waves; device used to receive and play radio broadcasts, radio receiver, device that changes electrical waves into sound

Babylon French English dictionary

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nf. radio, radiography, wireless

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