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nf. rapidity, speediness, velocity; intensification; crier

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rapidez (f)
n. quickness, rapidity; celerity, expedition; fastness, promptitude; readiness; speed, velocity

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = haste ; immediacy ; rapidity ; speed ; timeliness ; swiftness ; quickness ; dispatch ; alacrity ; promptness ; promptitude.
Ex: Capital funding usually took the form of end-of-year 'windfalls' needing to be spent in hectic haste necessitating hurried decision making.
Ex: The immediacy of access to the resources represented in a union catalogue may well be improved in the near future.
Ex: Surely these innovations already have and will continue to bring deep and wide-sweeping change to our profession - and because of their rapidity, these changes will be sudden and often tumultuous.
Ex: A leased line connection is useful for heavy users, since it offers higher speeds of transmission.
Ex: Factors assessed during the comparative study included pricing, timeliness, availability of catalogue copy, and breadth of coverage.
Ex: She lingered there a moment and watched the cars move on the highway with a hushing swiftness against the cold gray sky.
Ex: His subordinates -- everyone reports through him to the director of the Medical Center library -- suffer from the quickness and depth of Fury when he disapproves of something.
Ex: I would close it down immediately, or with all due dispatch for several reasons, some of which I have discussed in my talk.
Ex: It's also imperative for businesses to handle negative situations with alacrity if and when they do arise.
Ex: I think one of the things we must look into is what effect a no fines policy has on the promptness of return and whether or not materials are finally returned at all.
Ex: I have no doubt that the concerned law enforcing agencies will act with promptitude against the offenders.
* con rapidez = promptly.
* pensar con rapidez = think on + Posesivo + feet.

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