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adj. safe, secure
nm. bran, partly ground wheat
v. save, rescue, salvage; circumvent; shoot; jump over; negotiate; overcome; cover
v. pull through, recover; redeem; survive

Babylon Portuguese English dictionary

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adj. redeemed (of sins), liberated; recovered by paying a certain sum of money, saved, rescued, salvaged
v. deliver; relieve; rescue, save

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = bran.
Ex: Consuming bran helps reduce adverse bacteria in the digestive system and therefore can help improve your overall health.
* copo de salvado = bran flake.
* salvado de trigo = wheat bran.

(v.) = redeem ; salvage ; hold together ; rescue.
Ex: Eliot somehow suggests that a mix of blood and electricity might yet redeem the petty materialism of the modern world that he had previously seen only as a wasteland.
Ex: It details steps to be taken to salvage discs which have been damaged by spilled substances such as coffee with cream and sugar, Classic Coke, hamburger and french fries, and hand cream.
Ex: The organization was trembling on the brink of financial disaster, and only the journal, American Documentation, was holding it together.
Ex: Ill with pneumonia, he is rescued by a subway trainman and taken to Bellevue Hospital.
* salvado por la campana = saved by the bell.
* salvado por los pelos = saved by the bell.
* salvar el cuello = save + Posesivo + neck.
* salvar el mundo = save + the world.
* salvar el pellejo = save + Posesivo + bacon ; save + Posesivo + skin.
* salvar la vida = save + Posesivo + life.
* salvar la vida de milagro = have + a close shave with death.
* salvarse = get off.
* salvarse de milagro = have + a narrow escape ; have + a lucky escape ; have + a close call ; have + a close shave ; escape by + the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; have + a narrow shave.
* salvarse por los pelos = have + a narrow escape ; have + a lucky escape ; have + a close call ; have + a close shave ; escape by + the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; have + a narrow shave.
* sálvese el que pueda = free-for-all.
* sálvese quien pueda = the devil take the hindmost ; every man for himself ; let battle commence.

(v.) = circumvent ; cross ; get over ; overcome.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado overcame, participio overcome.
Ex: Plainly, the familiarization stage is circumvented in a computer-based indexing system with machine-assigned terms.
Ex: Some of the cases presented in this book are concerned with broad policy issues, while others are less encompassing and present some of the narrower problems that cross the library manager's desk.
Ex: They couldn't get over the river by building anything, so they stopped at that point.
Ex: Analytical cataloguing seeks to overcome physical packaging.
* salvar la división = bridge + the divide.
* salvar las aparienias = save + face.
* salvar las distancias = bridge + the gap ; bridge + the divide ; bridge + the chasm ; bridge + the gulf.
* salvar una barrera = overcome + barrier.
* salvar un obstáculo = overcome + obstacle.
* salvar un problema = circumvent + a problem ; negotiate + a problem.

(v.) = save.
Ex: Whenever this code is entered, the system saves the document or list of documents being displayed and displays a summary of the documents saved up to that point.
* salvar registros = download + records.

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