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sanitised (Brit.)
adj. desinfectado, esterilitzado, limpio, higienizado
sanitise (Brit.)
v. limpiar, desinfectar, esterilizar, hacer de higiene; hacer más aceptable o menos ofensiva o menos nocivos mediante la eliminación de características desagradables o incriminatorios (también desinfectar)

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = aséptico.
Ex: What the presidency needs is a job description; not one carved in a tablet of stone and certainly not one which would form all future presidents in the same sanitised mould.

sanitise [sanitize, -USA]
(v.) = depurar, censurar.
Ex: Attempts to sanitize the web will be as futile as any attempt to sanitize the private speech of all citizens.

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