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Un sencillo (en inglés single), también llamado simple, corte o corte de difusión, es un disco fonográfico de corta duración con una o dos grabaciones en cada cara.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(adj.) = humble ; plain ; simple ; straight ; straightforward ; unadorned ; bald ; unobtrusive ; low-key [low key] ; uncluttered ; unsophisticated ; unpretentious ; unassuming ; folksy ; homespun ; unfussy ; uncomplicated ; uncomplicatedly ; low-keyed ; no-frills ; hassle-free ; homely ; understated.
Ex: In spite of much complexity, they perform reliably; witness the humble typewriter, or the movie camera or the automobile.
Ex: He went on to explain that while there were no unsightly slums, there was a fairly large district of rather nondescript homes intermingled with plain two- and three-family brick and frame dwellings, principally in the eastern reaches of the city.
Ex: Some simple measures of index effectiveness are introduced here so that it is possible to consider different indexing methods critically.
Ex: Thus these indexes contain more entries than a straight KWIC index and are inclined to be relatively bulky.
Ex: Even in this apparently straightforward situation, complications can arise.
Ex: Concrete illustrations are always better than unadorned abstract description.
Ex: This text contains its share of irrelevant allusions included by authors 'to add artistic verisimilitude to a bald and otherwise unconvincing narrative', to quote another favourite source.
Ex: New technologies will enable interfaces composed of unobtrusive physiological monitors and prosthetics.
Ex: Activity is still low key, but will increase when the British Library puts up data bases on its own computer in 1977.
Ex: Google, the search engine, became popular because of its efficiency, simple structure uncluttered by advertising and its non-commercial look and feel.
Ex: Here is a clear indication of the extent, during the eighteenth century, to which the unsophisticated reader lagged behind his middle class compatriots = Aquí tenemos una clara indicación del grado en el que, durante el siglo dieciocho, el lector normal iba por detrás de sus compatriotas de clase media.
Ex: There is a need for unpretentious, informative manuals which help readers to play bowls, arrange flowers, decorate the house, and the like.
Ex: The term 'librarian' may confer the impression of being a quiet, respectable and unassuming person and consequently be useful on insurance forms, passports and rental agreements.
Ex: The best path, the film implies, is a middle way, combining worldliness with a folksy morality, one that respects family and individual alike.
Ex: The author chronicles the exuberant stories, hyperbole, homespun speech and demigod characteristics of American 'tall tales'.
Ex: Above all the journal wishes to provide research and comment in a form that is easily and quickly understood: a fresh, rigorous, but unfussy, writing style is what is aimed for.
Ex: It is an example of an uncomplicated but practical and successful artificial intelligence application.
Ex: Children which lack reading experience should be presented with a sequence of shorter, very directly told, and uncomplicatedly structured books, rather than with denser and more subtle texts.
Ex: Overall, he provides a low-keyed, lucid account that, with its many-leveled approach, does more than justice to the complex themes it studies.
Ex: This is a good guide for independent travellers looking for cheap, no-frills intercity transport around the country.
Ex: Cooking dry beans in the crockpot makes them relatively hassle-free = Cocinar las legumbres secas en una olla de cocción lenta es relativamente fácil.
Ex: Men find the homely shape of the girl-next-door more appealing than the 'perfect' proportions of models and centrefolds, a study found.
Ex: Whatever its look is, understated or overboard, a crystal chandelier doesn't blend in with all kinds of rooms.
* apariencia sencilla = simple-looking.
* codificación directa de fila sencilla = single row direct coding.
* de una manera más sencilla = in digestible form.
* disco sencillo = single.
* en lenguaje sencillo = in plain language.
* en + Lengua + sencillo = in plain + Lengua.
* habitación sencilla = single room.

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adj. simple, easy; straightforward; informal; naive; primitive
nm. small change, change, small quantity of money


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