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Sicher (German language word meaning "safe", "secure" or "certain") is a freeware instant messaging application for iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone. Sicher allows users to exchange end-to-end encrypted text messages, media files and documents in both private and group chats. Sicher is developed by SHAPE GmbH, German company which pioneered mobile messaging with IM+ multi-messenger app it has been offering since 2002.

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Sicher ist der Familienname folgender Personen:
  • Fridolin Sicher (1490–1546), Schweizer Organist und Kalligraph
  • Lydia Sicher (1890–1962), österreichisch-amerikanische Psychiaterin

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interj. certainly, of course!, a hundred percent, you bet, definitely
adj. certain, sure; safe, secure; reliable, credible, definite, confident, assured
adv. safely, securely; surely, of course, certainly; sure enough, without a doubt, in the bag, as good as done

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I.(adj) ①安全的,保险的 ②确定无疑的,一定的 ③可靠的,可信的,有把握的 ④稳当的 ⑤准确无误的
II.(adv) ①当然 ②确实,无疑 ③大概,谅必,一定

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adj. 安全的。保险的。确定无疑的。可靠的。有把握的。稳当的。准确无误的。
interj. 当然。
adj. 最安全的。最可靠的。

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