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En lingüística y semiótica, el significado es el contenido mental que le es dado a un signo lingüístico. Es decir, es el concepto o idea que se asocia al signo en todo tipo de comunicación, como es el contenido mental. Definido así el signficado tiene un componente subjetivo que depende de cada persona, ya que cada una le asigna un valor mental al significado, pero por convención este significado debe ser igual para realizar una comunicación óptima (ver definición).

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = interpretation ; meaning ; signified ; meaningfulness.
Ex: In contrast, the choice of a subject heading or notation presents many varied problems of interpretation.
Ex: The term indexing language can seem rather daunting, and has certainly had different meanings in its different incarnations.
Ex: According to semiotics, communication acts in public libraries occur at subtle levels of expression (signifier) and content (signified).
Ex: The author challenges the meaningfulness of precision and recall values as a measure of performance of a retrieval system.
* adquirir un nuevo significado = take on + new dimension.
* asignar significado = place + interpretation.
* asumir un significado = take on + meaning.
* cargado de significado = pregnant.
* dar significado = imbue with + meaning.
* lleno de significado = purposeful.
* matiz de significado = shade of meaning.
* significado de la palabra = word sense.
* significado global = aboutness.
* sin significado = meaningless.
* transmitir un significado = convey + meaning.
* TX (término que solapa a otro en el significado) = XT (overlapping term).

(v.) = add up to ; amount to ; mean ; signify ; stand for ; stack up.
Ex: The impalpable nature of human relations can add up to a situation that bears little resemblance to the logical and ordered material discussed in class.
Ex: One of the characteristic features of a post-coordinate indexing system is that searching amounts to more than making a note of the records listed under one index heading.
Ex: These changes have meant modifications, some very time-consuming, to serials catalogues in libraries.
Ex: Within one main class the same piece of notation may be used to signify different concepts.
Ex: MARC stands for Machine Readable Cataloguing.
Ex: By American standards, this may not stack up to much, but in France these efforts to educate citizens stand out as a shining example.
* considerar que significa = take to + mean.
* no significar gran cosa = not add up to much.
* no significar nada = add up to + nothing.
* significar el éxito = spell + success.
* significar el final de = mean + the end of.
* significar el fin de Algo = mean + an end to.
* significar fracaso = signify + failure ; spell + failure.
* significar la diferencia entre... y = mean + the difference between... and.
* significar mucho trabajo = mean + a lot of work ; involve + a lot of work.

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adj. implied
nm. significance, meaning, sense; purport
v. mean, signify; imply; spell; amount

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