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After almost a whole century of political instability and many civil wars, the aim of the Restoration was to ensure political stability in Spain. Under this plan, El Turno Pacífico (or "The Peaceful Turn") was a system put in place by Antonio Cánovas del Castillo whereby the two "official" parties of the Cánovas Restoration, the Partido Conservador (or Liberal-Conservatives of the centre-right) and Partido Liberal (or the Liberals on the centre-left), alternated in power. Its key features were that the government would first be chosen by the king and would then "make" the election (the so-called encasillado), ensuring victory.

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nm. turn, shift, duty, relay, round, sitting, spell, watch
v. work in shifts

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nm. turn; innings; orderly turn; spell

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turno (m)
n. shift, scheduled work period; bout, rotation

A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = stint ; turn ; shift ; watch.
Ex: Evidence for identification is rarely available, but in a few cases very full printers' records have survived in which individual stints are accounted for.
Ex: In particular note, for example by ticking them, those terms that merit a turn in the lead position, and those that do not.
Ex: Each library will have to determine how long the shifts at the service area will be.
Ex: During his watch, the US economy as well as the global monetary situation have been thrown into a precarious situation.
* comenzar el turno de trabajo = go on + duty.
* cumplir el turno de Uno en = take + Posesivo + turn at.
* de turno = on duty ; on call.
* día de turno = duty day.
* en turnos = on a rota basis ; on a rota system ; on a rotating basis ; on a rota.
* esperar el turno de Uno = wait + Posesivo + turn.
* esperar + Posesivo + turno = stand in + line ; form + a queue.
* funcionar por un sistema de turnos = work on + a rota system ; work on + a rota ; work + shifts ; work to + a rota system.
* hacer turnos = work on + a rota ; work on + a rota system ; work + shifts.
* mantener un sistema de turnos = hold + a rota of.
* organizar un sistema de turnos de + Nombre = organise + a rota of + Nombre.
* por turnos = on a rotating basis ; on a rota basis ; on a rota system ; on a rota ; round robin.
* ser + Posesivo + turno = be + Posesivo + turn.
* sistema de turnos = rota system.
* tener una serie de + Nombre + organizados por turnos = operate + a rota system of + Nombre.
* terminar turno de trabajo = come off + duty.
* toma de turnos en la conversación = turn-taking [turntaking].
* trabajador por turnos = shift worker.
* trabajar por turnos = work on + a rota ; work on + a rota system ; work + shifts.
* trabajo por turnos = shift work.
* turno de guardia = guard duty.
* turno de noche = night shift [night-shift].
* turno de preguntas = Q&A session [question and answer session].
* turno de trabajo = work shift ; shift.
* turno de trabajo de atención al usuario = desk duty.
* turnos del personal = staffing rota.
* una serie de + Nombre + organizdos por turnos = a rota of + Nombre.

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