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Unus the Untouchable
Unus the Untouchable (Gunther Bain, born Angelo Unuscione) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character has appeared in the comic book X-Men and part of the Marvel Universe. A mutant, Unus is named for his ability to consciously project a force field which protects him from harm.

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alone| a single/sole; some| some one; only (pl.); one set of (denoting enity) unusquisque PRON 1 0 NOM S M
each one

Latin - English Inflected

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unus, una, unu, (gen
v. alone, a single/sole; some, some one; only (pl.); one set of (denoting entity); 
unus, primus
num. one; 

Latin-English Dictionary

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at the same time/ single
only one

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