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VisIt is an open source interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data. It can be used to visualize scalar and vector fields defined on 2D and 3D structured and unstructured meshes. VisIt was designed to handle very large data set sizes in the terascale range and yet can also handle small data sets in the kilobyte range.

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A visit is where a person, or people, goes to either see someone or a place. It can refer to many things:

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Visit (engl. „Besuch“) steht für:

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Att avlägga en visit var förr något som var etablerat och beskrivet i vett- och etikettböcker, men som inte längre förekommer i annan betydelse än besök.

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مسافرت ،معاينه ،کشف ،بررسى ،تفتيش ،ديدن کردن از،ملاقات کردن ،زيارت کردن ،عيادت کردن ،سرکشى کردن ،ديد و بازديد کردن ،ملاقات ،عيادت ،بازديد،ديدار
قانون ـ فقه : بازرسى

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