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n. remote control which operates a television or a VCR and the like; electrical apparatus that can hurt or kill by way of electric currents; electronic device intended to attract and kill bugs and insects; low voltage device (invented by Dr. Hulda Clark) that is believed to kill bacteria and viruses and parasites with electrical energy and does not damage or injure human tissue; person who changes channels regularly during television advertisements

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Zapper may refer to:
  • An automated sales suppression device, software for falsifying cash register records
  • NES Zapper, a pistol-shaped electronic light gun sold as part of the original Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Wii Zapper, a gun-shaped electronic light gun sold as an accessory for the Wii
  • , a multi-platform video game released in 2002
  • bug zapper, a device that uses a light source to attract insects to an electrical grid, where they are incinerated by the current
  • British-Slang for remote control

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. an electrical device that can injure or kill by means of electric currents; "a bug zapper"
(hypernym) electrical device
(derivation) zap, vaporize

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v. zap through, flick from channel to channel; zap

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