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ZNAK Ltd. – is a Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic payment cards, document application forms and polycarbonate pages for passports, etc. Located in Kiev. A member of the Ukrainian EDAPS Consortium.

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warning , type (n) , trace (n) , token , mark (n) , lineament , letter (n) , hint (n) , clue , character , cachet , symbol , signal , sign , sanctus bell , put to press , print , presage , oriflamme , indice , indication , ideograph , ideogram , foretoken , emblem , earnest , dumb show , beacon , attestation , armorial bearings , tag , mark

Babylon Polish-English

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nm. marking; sign, signal, mark; ; marker; trace; vestige; omen; symbol; token; character
dawać się komuś we znaki
v. annoy, bother
znak dodawania
nm. plus sign
znak dziesiętny
nm. point, symbol used to mark a decimal fraction of a number
znak metryczny
nm. time signature
znak zapytania
nm. question mark
znak zodiaku
nm. star sign
znaki przestankowe
nfpl. punctuation

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