Petroleum & Geology Abbreviations, Ver. 4.1


This Glossary has been designed & prepared for Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers & Wellsite Geologists which work in Petroleum Industry, When you write words or abbreviations, please be careful about writing CAPITAL or small Letters. This Glossary include more than 5660 definitions & abbreviations of Geology, Petruleum & Drilling. Also this is the 4th. complete Edition, (Ver. 4.1). You can also find meanings in Farsi, (Persian) language in this Version. Thank you for using my Glossary. Now, I am working on another complete version, Ver. 5, so if you had any comments or sugestions, please send me via E-mail address which has been provided in this edition. I am from Iran and live in Iran. Now I am working in Sinopec Petroleum Company. Siamak Bahrami Jooneghani, 2011.

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