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Website design & Internet terms

Ideal information for those new to the Internet. Hundreds of acronyms and technical terms explained. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Tim Johnson, No. of Definitions: 141 ]
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BIOS Kompendium

The only and best BIOS Site with information over all BIOS in German. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Hans-Peter Schulz, No. of Definitions: 118 ]
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Chatroom Directory

Listing of terms, abbreviations, emoticons, and symbols used in chatrooms. More...
[ Glossary Builder: margarita p, No. of Definitions: 118 ]
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Autokennzeichen in Österreich

Zum schnellen Nachschlagen: KFZ-Kennzeichen in Österreich von AM (Amstetten) bis ZT (Zwettl). More...
[ Glossary Builder:, No. of Definitions: 107 ]
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Chat Abbreviations

The glossary for words that have been newly developed for this unique environment, abbreviations and acronyms to save time typing, and emoticons to clarify the tone of the text. More...
[ Glossary Builder: Marilyn Schraufnagel, No. of Definitions: 57 ]
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