About us

Babylon software – Translation @ a click

Our story

The company is led by knowledgeable executives with a profound comprehension of the difficulties related to search and information access within corporates, striving to transform the way enterprises find information. We also expertise in translation, supplying all types of translation services – from private users and language learners, to large corporates and enterprises.

Our Mission

Babylon software aims to introduce and lead the way in a new approach to information access. Improving productivity and efficiency, in any work environment!
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Our Offering

Translation – A variety of translation solutions for every need. All our solutions are delivering the information to the user, at a single click! Allowing productivity and efficiency! Bridges – A unique solution for bridging the world of desktop applications with corporate information systems.

Our Market Presence

Our products have already achieved proven success in different industries, from small to large corporates, in over 100 different countries! Our customers include industry leaders, global enterprises, government offices, small businesses and private users.
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About Babylon

Babylon translation software helps you understand the world. You can instantly translate any word that appears on your screen with a single mouse click! Translate text and documents in dozens of languages. Our premium features include encyclopedias and dictionaries from leading publishers, human voice pronunciation and much more! Babylon – the perfect translation solution for every need!

About bridges

Bridges brings vital information systems to the employee’s desktop and natural work environment. While working in Outlook or Word, for example, a user can retrieve information from corporate systems without needing to leave the desktop application and embark on a time-consuming search. Bridges improves work efficiency and productivity by 15% to 20%. It makes your decisions better and based on accurate data and often reduces the need for costly system customizations.

Our leadership

Zohar Birkman

Chief Product Officer

Joe Arnon

Chief Technology Officer

Shai Hashimshony

Chief Executive Officer

Amnon Ovadia


Our vision

Introducing our game-changing solutions for Information search and access – with just a single click! Babylon software solutions provides instant access to the information you need. Weather it is a simple translation, or Wikipedia results, and even mission critical information, within your corporate. Our innovative solutions empower individuals, as well as corporates to work faster and smarter than before. Say hello to effortless efficiency. Join the next generation of productivity! Try us today!

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