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Single click

Simply point your mouse at a word that appears on your screen, do the Babylon click and the translation will appear instantly!

Simple interface

Easy and intuitive design - everything you need is accessible at a click! Term translation, text or document translation, conversions and more!

Quick deployment

Build the package you wish to install, deploy it throughout the organization quickly and even silently, if you wish not to interrupt The workflow.

Corporate support

We know that availability is a crucial key in today’s business. As a corporate customer you will receive our top support!

Additional business services

As we understand business, we know that businesses today sometimes need more than a simple translation

Professional Translation

Babylon Professional Translation makes it easy to get a perfect human translation. Submit your request online and we will select the best translation expert for your project.

Babylon Software is an official reseller for SDL products. If you wish to hear more, please scroll up and fill in your contact details.

Language Learning

Assist your employees in learning a new language or improving their language skills, to expand to new markets!

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