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Aan or AAN may refer to:

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Aan (Hindi: आन, Urdu: آن, translation: Pride), also known as The Savage Princess in the USA, is a 1952 Hindi film produced and directed by Mehboob Khan, which was India's first technicolour film, as it was shot in 16mm Gevacolour and was blown up in Technicolor. It stars Dilip KumarPremnathNimmi and marked the debut of Nadira who replaced the original choice which was actress Nargis. The cost of the film was Rs. 3.5 million and it turned out to be the highest grosser of 1952 [1]as well as was the first to gross over Rs. 15 million. This record was beaten 3 years later by Shree 420 in 1955.

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Babylon Dutch English dictionary

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prep. to; at, on; by, beside; in; upon; as a part of

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American Association of Neurology.

Từ điển Việt - Anh

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▪ favour; grace

thi ân cho ai : to do someone a favor



▪ Seal

treo ấn từ quan : to resign by returning one's official seal


▪ To press

ấn nút điện : to press an electric button

ấn chân ga của xe ô_tô : to press the accelerator of a car

ấn việc cho người khác : to press one's task on another

▪ To jam, to cram

ấn quần_áo vào va_li : to cram clothing into a suitcase



▪ To thrust

ẩn cánh_cửa bước vào : to thrust the door open and step in

▪ To hide

du_kích khi ẩn khi hiện : the guerillas now hide, now appear

hòn đảo ẩn trong sương_mù : the island was shrouded by mist

▪ To seclude oneself from the world

cáo quan về ẩn ở quê_nhà : to resign one's office and seclude oneself in one's native village


▪ Latent

nhiệt ẩn : latent heat

Afrikaans-English Online Dictionary

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to, toward, towards

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