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ACCESS (Access Energy Transformation)

A Dictionary of Alternative Medicine Methods

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ACCESS (Access Energy Transformation)
"Energy technique" that supposedly works with the "creative force" to free it and connect it to the "Light" ("us"). Allegedly, Novian, a "Being of Light," channeled the method to Gary Douglas through the Russian monk Grigori Efimovich Rasputin (1872?-1916). ACCESS theory posits: (a) 32 "Bars," points on the head that are a means of allowing the flow of bodily "energies"; (b) a "Soul"; (c) "Implants," electrical devices (e.g., a "False Immune System") inserted in another lifetime and attached "electrically" to the Soul's "energy"; and (d) "Entities," disembodied beings or "thought forms." Purportedly, ACCESS removes "energetic blocks" at cellular and "etheric" levels and enables one to reclaim "awareness as an eternal being."