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Aoi may refer to:

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Art of Illusion
Art of Illusion is a 3D modelingtexturingray tracing, and rendering application, used to create computer-generated stills or animations.

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Từ điển Việt - Anh

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cày ải

▪ Plough (the ground) loose

Thứ nhất cày_ải thứ nhì rải phân : First plough the soil loose, second dress (manure) it

làm ải

▪ Plough (hoe) (the soil) loose

đày ải

▪ Opress, persecute, ill-treat, grind down

Bị giam_cầm đày_ải : To be held in custody and ground down



▪ Pass

ải Nam Quan : Nam Quan pass

quân trú phòng ở cửa_ải : troops garrisoned at a fort covering a pass

▪ Hurdle, ordeal, trial

vượt qua cửa_ải cuối_cùng : to overcome the last hurdle


▪ Rotten

gỗ này đã bị ải : this wood is rotten

▪ Aerated and loose

phơi cho ải đất : to aerate the soil loose

Airport Code Dictionary

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Airport Name: Falconara Airport
Airport Location: Ancona, Italy

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