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Aab-e hayat
Aab-e hayat or Ab-e Hayat may refer to:
  • Elixir of life
  • Ab-e Hayat, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Aab-e hayat, an essay on Urdu poetry written by Muhammad Husain Azad in 1880
  • Aab-e hayat, a book by Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi
  • Abe Hayat, a 1955 movie starring Prem Nath, Ameeta, Pran, Helen
  • "Aab-E-Hayat" is an Urdu novel writeen by famous Pakistani writer, Umera Ahmed.

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Ab-E-Hayat (Persian) [from Persian ab, Avestan ap, Pahlavi av, water, purity, brilliance, honor, bliss, fortune] Water of life or immortality; it is believed that the Water of Life is hidden in the most northern part of the earth in the dark. He who finds and drinks of it will become immortal. Some Persian allegories say that Alexander the Great sought after it in vain. It is also said Khezr, the prophet, found it and that is how he became immortal. Esoterically it represents the universal self and life's principal substance. It corresponds to the use of "water" in Genesis 1:2. The ancient Iranians believed that the first created was Mithra (Mehr), the reflection of Being, the essence of light, in the water of life; so the creation was the synthesis of these two, named Mehrab. Mehrab later became the sacred place of worship in mosques among Moslems. It is noteworthy that the same letters are used in the words Abraham (ABRHM), Bahram (BHRAM), and Brahma (BRHMA).
The water of life is also called Ab-e-Bagha (water of immortality), Ab-e-Heyvan (water of animation), and Ab-e-Khezr (water of Khezr).