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Abhutarajas (Sanskrit) [from a not + the verbal root bhu to be born, produced + rajas passion] Those not produced by or born with the quality of passion; a class of 14 gods or divinities belonging to the "fifth manvantara," the fifth Manu of which was Raivata (cf VP 3:1). The abhutarajasas are a hierarchy of divine beings, similar to the kumaras and manasaputras, who have passed through the material worlds in previous evolutionary periods. Having risen above all passional attractions to the lower spheres, these three classes of deities are reckoned as exempt from passion -- in the sense of suffering passively, one of passion's original connotations. These divinities are masters of themselves, not passive subjects.
In the theosophical scheme of rounds and races, the fifth manvantara of the Puranas refers to the first half or descending arc of the third round of our present planetary chain, and the fifth manu, Raivata, to the root-manu of this third round; further, the passage of the life-waves through each round of all the globes of the planetary chain -- i.e. from globe A to globe G -- consists of two "manvantaras," and thus it is that the first half or descending arc of the third round is the fifth of these manvantaras.
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