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n. common European viper; any of a number of venomous or nonvenomous snakes resembling the viper; person or thing that adds; electronic circuit that sums two numbers in a computer (Computers)

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Adder may refer to:

  • Any of several groups of venomous snakes of the Viperidae family, including Vipera berus, the common European adder, found in Europe and northern Asia
  • Acanthophis sp., death adders, elapid snakes found in Southeast Asia and Australia
  • Heterodon sp., hog-nosed snakes, a genus of harmless colubrid snakes found in North America
  • Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen, the northern copperhead, a venomous viper found in the eastern United States

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WordNet 2.0 Dictionary

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1. a person who adds numbers
(hypernym) calculator, reckoner, figurer, estimator, computer
2. a machine that adds numbers
(hypernym) calculator, calculating machine
(derivation) total, tot, tot up, sum, sum up, summate, tote up, add, add together, tally, add up
3. small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia
(synonym) common viper, Vipera berus
(hypernym) viper
(member-holonym) Vipera, genus Vipera

Babylon Dutch English dictionary

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adder (de)
n. (Animal) adder, viper, common European viper

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n. zmije

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