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Aguilarite is an uncommon sulfosalt mineral with formula Ag4SeS. It was described in 1891 and named for discoverer Ponciano Aguilar.

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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
(Molecular Weight = 542.50 gm)
Silver 79.53 % Ag
Selenium 14.55 % Se
Sulfur 5.91 % 
 Empirical Formula:
Low temperature silver mineral in deposits rich in selenium.
TL: Mexico, Guanajuato, San Carlos mine.
 Name Origin:
Named for Ponciano Aguilar (1853-1935), superintendent of the San Calos mine, Guanajuato, where the mineral was found.
Physical Properties:
gray, iron gray, or black.
7.4 - 7.56, Average = 7.48
Massive - Uniformly indistinguishable crystals forming large masses., ,
2-3 - Gypsum-Calcite
Adamantine - Metallic
grayish black
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