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Airyema Ishyo

Rakefet Dictionary

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Airyema-Ishyo (Avestan) The much-desired brotherhood, or Yasna 54: "May brotherhood of man, for which we yearn, come down amongst us and rejoice the hearts of men and maidens of Zarathustra's faith. Bringing fulfillment unto Vohu Man; when souls of men receive their precious mead, I pray too Asha in His Grace to grant these blessings for which human souls do long, which Mazda hath meant for all." "This verse, though actually not included in the Gathas, follows immediately after the Fifth Gatha. Both the language and the metre are exactly the same, as those of the Fifth Gatha. . . . This verse is recited during the Zoroastrian marriage service as part of 'the blessing" ' (Taraporewala, The Religion of Zarathushtra 148).