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Angra mainyu2

Rakefet Dictionary

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"Ahriman destroys the full created by Ormazd -- which is the emblem of terrestrial illusive life, the 'germ of sorrow' -- and, forgetting that the perishing finite seed must die, in order that the plant of immortality, the plant of spiritual, eternal life, should sprout and live, Ahriman is proclaimed the enemy, the opposing power, the devil"; "Terrestrially, all these allegories were connected with the trials of adeptship and initiation. Astronomically, they referred to the Solar and Lunar eclipses" (SD 2:93, 380).
Although Angra-Mainyu and his host of evil forces, personalized in the Avesta as daevas, seem to have their way in the world, the day will come when they shall be overcome by Ahura Mazda -- when the shining one shall send his Holy Word to incarnate in Sosiosh (Saoshyant), then shall he conquer Angra-Mainyu, bringing about the regeneration of the world. See also AhrimanAhuraAhura Mazda.