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Argon Fluoride Laser

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Argon fluoride laser
The argon fluoride laser (ArF laser) is a particular type of excimer laser, which is sometimes (more correctly) called an exciplex laser. With its 193 nanometer wavelength, it is a deep ultraviolet laser, which is commonly used in the production of semiconductor integrated circuits, eye surgery, micromachining, and scientific research. The term excimer is short for "excited dimer", while exciplex is short for "excited complex". An excimer laser typically uses a mixture of a noble gas (argon, krypton, or xenon) and a halogen gas (fluorine or chlorine), which under suitable conditions of electrical stimulation and high pressure, emits coherent stimulated radiation (laser light) in the ultraviolet range.

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Argon Fluoride Laser
in the semiconductor industry, generally used to refer to an excimer laser that uses  argon and fluorine gases to produce an output of 193 nanometers. Expected to be the light source of choice for critical levels at 90nm and 65nm minimum linewidths.

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