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n. Athanasius of Alexandria (293-373), bishop of Alexandria and saint, Egyptian-born Greek bishop who opposed Arianism and defended Christian orthodoxy against Arianism

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Athanasius of Alexandria
Saint Athanasius of Alexandria (; ; c. 296–298 – 2 May 373), also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, primarily in the Coptic Orthodox Church, Athanasius the Apostolic, was the twentieth bishop of Alexandria (as Athanasius I). His episcopate lasted 45 years (c. 8 June 328 – 2 May 373), of which over 17 were spent in five exiles ordered by four different Roman emperors. Athanasius is a renowned Christian theologian, a Church Father, the chief defender of Trinitarianism against Arianism, and a noted Egyptian leader of the fourth century.

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1. (Roman Catholic Church) Greek patriarch of Alexandria who championed Christian orthodoxy against Arianism; a Church father, saint, and Doctor of the Church (293-373)
(synonym) Saint Athanasius, St. Athanasius, Athanasius the Great
(hypernym) theologian, theologist, theologizer, theologiser
(classification) Roman Catholic, Western Church, Roman Catholic Church, Church of Rome, Roman Church

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Bishop of Alexandria from 328 to 373. He attended the Council of Nicea as his predecessor's assistant. He was a strong proponent of Alexandrian theology and a staunch opponent of Arianism . Since both Constantine and his son supported Arianism, this caused him much trouble, requiring him to go into exile several times during his life. He unfortunately did not live to see his views reaffirmed at the Council of Constantinople in 381. He helped the fledgling monastic movement and one of his letters preserves the earliest list of the books of the New Testament as they were ultimately canonized.

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