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Contemplation (Kafka)
Betrachtung (published in English as Meditation or Contemplation) is a collection of eighteen short stories by Franz Kafka written between 1904 and 1912. It was Kafka's first published book, printed at the end of 1912 (with the publication year given as "1913") in the Rowohlt Verlag on an initiative by Kurt Wolff.

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Betrachtung ist in der Kunst und Philosophie die ästhetische Beurteilung.

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Meditazione (raccolta)
Meditazione (Betrachtung, conosciuta in italiano anche come Contemplazione) è una raccolta di 18 brevi racconti e apologhi scritti da Franz Kafka e dedicata a M. B. (ossia Max Brod). È stata pubblicata per la prima volta nel 1913, dall'editore Ernst Rowohlt di Lipsia, in 800 copie.

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Betrachtung (die)
nf. contemplation, looking at; thinking about; reflection, act of casting back a mirror image, thought, speculativeness; watching carefully

Reuter Medizin (by Peter Reuter)

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(f) 1. view; (genauer) survey, study, inspec-
tion, examination 2. (fig.) consideration, reflection,
contemplation . 
Betrachtung mit bloßem Auge
 macroscopy . 
individuelle Betrachtung
 individualization . 

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